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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Jane

Istanbul '08

Little Jane
quite an old one, played couple of times at home w/ c&e

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  1. Dear Jumping Cat,

    I am a student of the Design Academy Eindhoven, in The Netherlands.
    Currently I am, together with a group of fellow students, doing research on Istanbul. Our main theme in this research is the experience of people; people living there, not living there, turkish, non-turkish, it doesn't matter as long as you have -in one way or the other- a certain perception or view on Istanbul. We are planning to go to Istanbul in december ourselves, to experience Istanbul in our way too. On beforehand, we would love to gather as much stories, information and experiences as possible. With all this information, we would go to Istanbul and try to re-live people's experiences, compare them with each other and with our own ones.
    Through I came to see your weblog and saw you live in Istanbul right now. I was wondering whether you would want to help us in our research, just by answering some questions. If you would like to co-operate, you can find the questions below. Thank you very much in advance!

    0. What is your name/age/gender/birth place/profession

    1. For how long have you been living in Istanbul? (if you lived there all your life, don't answer question 2-5)

    2. When did you decide to go to Istanbul and what was the reason for this?

    3. Did you already visit Istanbul before you moved there?

    4. Did you already know people there?

    5. What was your view on Istanbul before you went?

    6. What is your view on Istanbul right now?

    7. In your own experience, has Istanbul changed over the years and in what way?

    8. What major "themes" are present and actual in Istanbul right now? (what are people talking about, what is going on in daily life etc.)

    9. Can you describe one ordinary day out of your life in istanbul? From waking up to going to sleep. What do you do? (the more details, the better! like streetnames, bars, cafe's, workplace etc.)

    10. Would you ever want to leave Istanbul?

    11. If Istanbul would be a person, who would it be?

    Thank you for answering our questions! If you would know anyone else who would want to answer these questions for us it would be very welcome!
    Our last and most important question is about us going to Istanbul. As a matter of saying thanks (but also as part of our research) we would like you to give us a task.

    What can we do for you when we are going to Istanbul or while we are there?

    I know, for a lot of people it's difficult to answer, but it can be anything! Like bringing something there, going to visit someone/some place.. it doesn't matter, as long as we can do anything for you.

    Thank you very much for your time,

    kind regards,

    Alissa van Asseldonk